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Why Social Media Marketing is Important Even if your Doors are Closed

So you’ve been deemed a non-essential business and the government has asked you to close your doors during this pandemic. Now is not the time to throw in the towel. What do you think everyone is doing right now? Exactly what you are doing. They are scrolling Facebook. 

Now that you have that very obvious why, we will get to the how.   

If you have well thought-out and visually appealing content in the vault, you are halfway there. Chances are you don’t. So you will need to create content on the fly and schedule it to post incrementally for the next few weeks. You’re not going to want to post it all at once and blow your stash. You are going to want to show your clients, members, customers (whatever they are to you), that you’re still working to serve them and improve your place of business.

You are going to want to show case content that highlights that on top of being a business owner, you are a person. Let loose, get in front of the camera and talk to them like they are one of your closest friends. In short, let them in. They will appreciate it. You’re basically posting things that make you personable and relatable. You’re going to want to thank your people for their support in such a trying time and stay away from rants, especially those that are political based.

This is also a good opportunity to showcase your staff. Chances are, they are at home. Have them take a quality selfie, write an introduction, and send it to you. What accolades have they earned? What hobbies do they enjoy? What do they bring to the team? What makes them authentic? 

If you are smart and able, you are taking the time to do much needed renovations and improvements to your place of business. This would make a good live or recorded video. 

Since you and/or your staff now have the time, engage with your audience and respond to all comments and posts on your page or that tag you. You are going to want to respond positively to any comment that you may come across. We know how tempers can rise on social media and we know that comments can come off in a negative tone. Don’t jump and respond in a reactive away, give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, we are all stressed and on edge right now. Try to relate to them and have a genuine conversation to get to the bottom of the issue. Putting out the fire calmly and rationally can go a long way.

All this being said, I would be stupid if I didn’t recommend my own services. As an experienced Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer, I know the best way to plan a content schedule. I have an eye for visually appealing content and ad copy. I have a way with words and can perform a professional public relations role as well as provide copywriting. I can assist you when you have to make important announcements that can be taken the wrong way if not worded correctly. 

Here at Diaz Media Marketing, we have the equipment and the know-how when it comes to capturing quality images and video. Hiring someone that knows what they are doing will be an investment that will earn you great returns either when it comes time to re-open or to sustain yourself in the meantime. 

I have enjoyed writing this and I hope everyone stays healthy and practices self-quarantine and social distancing, so we can get through this quickly with they least amount of loss. If you need advice or guidance, please feel free to reach out to us. We are just sitting at home trying to stay busy and use this time wisely. 

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